Make decisions to make money: I’m here to help you become a successful trader.

It is easy to get lost in the labyrinth of stock exchange nonsense. You need to more than just the fundamental knowledge of stock exchange trading:

you also need to know what retail trading strategies to avoid. You can’t be a successful trader without being aware of how artificial intelligence influences stock exchanges.

My book Armed against AI – Trading Strategies to Take on the Stock Market’s Top Predator fills a niche in the market. It includes research I had done myself and can save you money on an expensive series of training sessions.

Money made with decisions: I am here to assist you in becoming a successful trader.

It is easy to get lost in the labyrinth of stock exchange bullshit as you need to have additional knowledge besides the fundamentals of stock exchange trading. You also need to know the retail trading strategies to avoid. You cannot be a successful trader without being aware of the influence of artificial intelligence (AI) on stock exchanges. My book Armed against AI – Trader Strategies against the Top Predator of Stock Markets is therefore a gap filler including an own research that can save you a super expensive series of training sessions.

You need to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to become a successful trader: 85% of traders lose their money on the stock market

When you chose stock trading to be your playground, you probably had smart Wall Street traders in mind. Crazy and exciting, crazily hard work but with wads of money in your pocket.

You probably thought – and you wouldn’t have been completely wrong – that being a trader means living an extraordinary lifestyle. You are not just faced with challenges that are changing all the time, but as my book Armed against AI – Trading Strategies to Take on the Stock Market’s Top Predator states, you are often fighting against the system itself.

However, at the beginning of your career or even after a few years of trading, you might feel you are battling the unexpected, unpredictable pitfalls of stock trading all alone. And in fact, there’s nothing surprising about this: 85% of traders lose their money on the stock market:

fact that promotional literature is rarely open about.

What is the reason for the high rate of setbacks  among stock traders?

There are several critical factors when differentiating ordinary traders from extraordinary ones.
I say this from personal experience, as I have had both of successes and failures in my own career.

The question is whether you can cope with the failures. My book Armed against AI – Trading Strategies To Take on the Stock Market’s Top Predator provides you with top tips.

There are no official trader courses, especially not in the public school system. This means that there is no regulation and no harmonized framework that could set the minimum requirements for trading course. This encourages the activity of fake trainers with no expertise who aren’t familiar with the fundamentals of trading, the trader types and career opportunities at all.

Trading training courses can cost you as much as a house without actual results .
There is no guarantee of learning anything useful.

Inexperienced traders often don’t realize that their retail trading strategies don’t work until it’s too late, resulting in further setbacks. Traders are not taught how to think, how to adapt to constant change, and how to be more flexible in building more effective strategies.

Artificial intelligence on the stock market: my own research work in Armed against AI confirms that artificial intelligence is in fact behind the stock markets, which more often than not throws a spanner in the works for human traders.

Stop waiting for someone to prepare you for the mental and emotional challenges of being a trader. Over-hyped training courses aren’t designed to do this at all. Developing an overarching awareness and haviing self-discipline and-, effective emotion management skills, as well as being flexible and objective are all important factors if you want to avoid self-sabotage.

Successful traders can quickly and effectively adapt to global-market trends and reject stereotypes like the stock market: “makes you poor”, “manipulates the economy”, and “is based on fraud”. You have to be able to bear all these burdens both mentally and emotionally.

Armed against AI: Things You Will Learn from This Unique Book for Traders

Armed against AI – Trading Strategies to Take on the Stock Market’s Top Predator answers the questions you haven’t even asked yet.

This unique book covers the anomalies, contradictions, and enticing buzzwords of stock trading.

You will get a basic overview of the stock market, its history and how it works, followed by a section about you as a trader. I talk about the trader’s motivations, the characteristics of different trader types, the characteristics of the trader lifestyle, what trader’s lifestyles are like and the career path you can take, as well as effective and ineffective trading strategies.

The most important part of the book is yet to come: a survey about the role of AI on the stock market, based on my own research work. I have devoted a whole chapter of the book to this survey, with the aim proving that there is in fact an AI behind the stock market, which influences how it functions. You won’t read about the connection between stock market and AI in any other books.

Mental preparation is the next topic I cover: I explain the connection between trading stocks successfully and preparing yourself mentally. This is followed by a short description of self-sabotage, which gets a lot of traders. I provide some useful tips on how to become a mentally impeccable trader, I also go into some basic terms, strategies, practices and results you can expect.

In this chapter I aim to demonstrate the importance of expertise, knowledge and self-awareness when “gambling” on the stock market.

In this chapter I briefly introduce myself. I am a trader-, too and-. I risk my own money. After losing a lot and trying to learn from swindlers, I finally found a strategy that really works. Let me quote a sentence from the book: “I am not an outsider who shares random advices without consequence. I am a trader and I always have been”

In this chapter I list the anomalies and paradoxes on the stock market so that you don’t make the same mistakes. As Warren Buffett once said, ” the stock market is a gambling parlor with much alcohol. If you resist drinking, everything will be fine”.

In this section you can learn the fundamentals of the stock market, as well as its history and functioning. Because: “Money is, at its essence, that measure of a man’s choices” (Ozark)

This chapter is dedicated to you as a trader. The motivations behind stock trading, the different trader types and how to become an extraordinary trader. “If there is no news of a given share or bond, you can even use a dice to guess its price” (Christakis Georgiou)

The reasons that retail trading strategies work or don’t work. What is the difference between fundamental and technical strategies? Value- and dividend-based strategies, overpricing and hype? What is non-traditional approach to stock trading strategies. “What everyone knows on the stock market does not interest me” (André Kostolany)

Make no mistake, just like in so many other areas of life, AI is working behind the stock markets. It is capable of detecting certain connections, which help put it into a winning position most of the time. Is AI the game master of the stock market – or is it the stock market itself? How can you become a successful trader despite all of these circumstances? This chapter gives you the answer. “You see, in this world there’s two kinds of people, my friend: Those with loaded guns and those who dig. You dig” (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly)

This chapter is dedicated to the mental side of stock trading. This includes: soft spots, self-sabotage, fundamentals and successful mental strategies, practices and -, recommendations for self-awareness and self-development. Armed with a comprehensive set of mental strategies, you will succeed in stock market bushfighting. “Sometimes, hope is the biggest obstacle to actions” (Amer)

In the last chapter, I summerarize, everything you need to be a successful stock trader. The key message of the book is summarized in X-Men: “Some people guard you while others chase you”.

In this chapter I help you to find your way to self-awareness and a successful trading career. I ask the uncomfortable questions that you didn’t even want to think about or didn’t have the courge to find the answers to. The story doesn’t end here. You can improve your skills confidently using the trustworthy and professional sources I recommend.

Reading Armed against AI – Trading Strategies to Take on the Stock Market’s Top Predator you won’t make you into black-belt trader right away. This book is an honest, objective introduction to the pitfalls of stock exchange trading.

I’m not trying to hide the dark side of trading so, I provide you with an overview of the effects of stock market algorithms and artificial intelligence. I know you might not love me for this, but that hasn’t stopped me from passing the Holy Grail of stock trading on to you.

Armed against AI is for you

  • … if you are considering a career change and drawn to the world of stock trading
  • … if you have just started your career as a trader and want to make as few mistakes as possible,

  • … if you have been trading awhile but are facing setbacks
  • … if you work as a trader but it’s getting harder to manage the stress,

  • … if you want to become a kick-ass trader,

  • … if you are a layman but you want to learn about the world of stock markets.

Armed against AI – Trading Stategies to Take on the Stock Market’s Top Predator contains key information that will help you achieve your trading goals in a straightforward, dynamic and gritty way. Whether you’re after the vibrant lifestyle and the adrenaline, or a high quality of living, or all of the above. Still hesitating? Just read my book! One thing is for sure: You won’t be bored.

I am not wasting my breath: I teach, train and trade

  • Practice makes perfect: I am not mouthing empty phrases.
  • I have been working as a trader and trainer for more than 12 years.
  • I have been through heaven and hell.
  • I do not risk the money of others, but mine.
  • I have made both good friends and enemies.
  • The knowledge I’m offering would cost you a whole bunch of money and at least 10 years to acquire

  • I look forward, not backward: you won’t find such a comprehensive discourse on the connection between the stock market and AI, or about how to make use of it, anywhere else.

  • I have been helping traders for 7 years to become more successful and to make more money by teaching psychological trading techniques in group sessions, as well as one-on-one mentoring and coaching.

Believe or not, just read some of the feedback from people I have worked with

In this book, Kate does a great job of summarising and detailing things that most books of this kind miss, and it is a big mistake to overlook them. Based on the content of “Armed against AI”, I would recommend this book to people who have experience of the market and the emotional rollercoaster that comes with trading the stock market. While reading the book, it is noticeable that Kata shares the content of the book through her own experiences, making the language of the book easy to understand, and giving the feeling that Kata has also involved us readers in the broken narrative, thus making us relive our own experiences and/or memories with a part, thus making the reading more emotionally memorable. For me, a new podium on my top list has appeared with this book and I’m sure I’ll be picking it up again and again to read it again.

This book has a real value, not just a price. There are countless books on the stock market, but none of them deal with the real, real why. But that is the point. What? Why? How? This book answers the following questions thanks to Kate’s personal research.In addition to the above, it deals with the mental roller coaster of the trader, which is admittedly useful for every trader.

I can wholeheartedly recommend this book even to those who don’t like to read but are interested in the real workings of the market.


A very honest and fantastic account from a trader, with Kata’s own sense of humour. It is not only for traders, but they will understand the stages one goes through when choosing this career. And she also shows the way for those who want to get rich quick from the stock market…..Spoiler, those who want to get rich quick only need to read a few pages.

It was a fantastic experience! Thank you!

DJ Smartie

Do you want to prepare yourself for the stock markets, and more success?

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First, read my book Armed against AI – Trading Stategies to Take on the Stock Market’s Top Predator.

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